AluPro is a leading supplier of masts and towers in Poland.

We have been building Polish telecommunications with our clients for 15 years. We specialize in the construction of aluminum masts and towers for the WISP, GSM, Railway and Uniformed Services sectors.

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Why is it worth trusting us?

AluPro is, above all, people and the skills behind them. The team is composed of an engineer from the Warsaw University of Technology - Faculty of Mechanical Energy and Aviation, a business specialist, a master's degree from the University of Warsaw and a civil engineering graduate from the Gdańsk University of Technology. Specialized education and experience in production make our products particularly good.

AluPro would not exist without our employees - locksmiths, welders, installers. The production staff is carefully selected. Those who join the team undergo training. All welders have TUV examinations.

Dariusz Wojciechowski - Owner
Dariusz Wojciechowski – Owner

Our latest products


We are specialists in
aluminum production

Masts and Towers

We produce radio masts, radio towers and measurement masts up to 160 meters high. We produce in steel and aluminum. The offer begins with the economical M400 series designs and ends with the comfortable M1000. All products can be adapted to the appropriate wind zone and planned load on the antenna surface

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Installation in the Field

We install our products, perform basic work at heights, install antennas and cabling. We service masts manufactured by AluPro and other manufacturers as part of warranty and post-warranty service

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Stage and Fair

We design and produce stage trusses, crane systems, gates and handles. Our products are compatible with Milos Prolyte, as well as EuroTruss, GlobalTruss and AluStage connection systems. We adapt to the solution our clients already have. We specialize in systems tailored to a given interior (tailored solutions - clubs, discos).

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Design Office

We design truss structures to order and cooperate with design offices. In today's complex world, specialization is becoming increasingly important. Our partners can benefit from our many years of expertise in the design and construction of telecommunications masts and towers. We provide a database of hundreds of ready-made projects and prepare specialized solutions. Are you designing and your project requires mast infrastructure? Be sure to contact us.

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Michał Kubiak - Owner

AluPro means an individual approach to the client

What distinguishes AluPro from other companies is the close contact of customers with decision-makers in the company. We do not employ too many salespeople - as the owners of AluPro, we believe that building long-term business relationships is the basis of our tasks and is our priority. We are happy when our products solve unique problems of the companies we work for. Our superpower is the ability to tailor any product to customer specifications, even in small series.

So what makes us different?


We trust our process
production control


Storage of unprocessed aluminum

Each shipment from an aluminum foundry differs in material specifications (e.g. tensile strength of the metal). To be able to track problems (e.g. mismatch of description with species), these batches of material must be separated and appropriately labeled.

  • We use three separate storage areas to store aluminum types AW6082, AW6060 and AW6063 separately.
  • Each area has shelves that separate different supplies.


Welding process control

Welding quality is crucial for product safety. Welders must be aware of the welding instructions for each product, must be supervised, and welds must be ultimately inspected. When metalworking, aluminum types cannot be mixed randomly because not all grades combine well.

  • Each product has welding instructions available at the welding station.
  • The employee hierarchy facilitates control and correction.
  • Approximately 30% of each batch of products undergoes visual inspection in accordance with TUV VT2 specifications.


Design according to Eurocode

Another important safety factor is the design itself. All our designs undergo static calculations and verification by an engineer with construction qualifications without restrictions.
Our designs are fully compliant with applicable PN/EN and Eurocode standards. We attach appropriate Declarations of Conformity to our products

  • All designs are made in a 3D CAD environment.
  • All our projects undergo analysis in Autodesk Robot and MES analysis.
  • Upon request, Altruss can provide all calculations for the building permit process in most EU Member States.

15 years in the aluminum production business


Served customers annually


Projects implemented in Poland and the EU


Countries where our masts operate


What they say about us

“AluPro is a proven partner on the production services market. Their masts are distinguished by the quality of their welds. This is good equipment that will last for years, made without unnecessary savings or "shortcuts". We have been installing Alupro masts for a long time and thanks to this cooperation, the percentage of complaints is negligible.

Mirosław Szabucki

Masztpol ・ Owner

“The Sochocin NET network was created almost entirely on AluPro products. I installed their first masts in 2014 and today, 10 years later, they are still in service without any problems. Quality gives me peace of mind. There is nothing worse in business than patching up networks after spring storms.”

Adam Bugajewski

Sochocin Net ・Owner


Ballast Masts Modlin Airport

AluPro has finalized an order for the Modlin airport for the installation of two truss ballast masts. The technical requirement was a limited emphasis on a unit of area - we coped with this by using paving slabs spread over a large area of the roof of the steel hall as ballast.

A reinforced version of the T1000-15 turret for the German market

We have prepared a series of T1000-15 towers specially prepared for operation in mountain conditions in Tyrol, they will withstand icing up to 12 cm and wind pressure corresponding to wind zone 3

Painted steel mast on the Police building in Płock

We produced and installed two steel masts as a subcontractor of the Winnicki construction company. The structures were hot-dip galvanized and painted gray - RAL, matching the façade of the finished building. The masts and the architecture of the building looked very aesthetic

Szymany air traffic control tower

AluPro had the pleasure of producing and installing an H=16 meter telecommunications tower at the Szymany airport's air traffic control tower. An interesting project (structure widely supported on 4 "legs") in a prestigious location. The wide spacing of the anchor points allowed for a significant reduction in the reactions to the building and the windage of the structure compared to alternative solutions.

Mast M1000-28 Sierpc

In December 2015, we completed the installation of a painted M1000-28 aluminum truss mast (color matched to the color of the facade). For the new district headquarters in Sierpc. The mast and the building look particularly impressive.

Fully extendable T1000-9.9A turret

In March 2016, we introduced for sale (and installed at the first customer) a small telecommunications tower with a T1000 series ladder, 10 meters high. The distinguishing feature of the design is its unprecedented comfort and transport size. The entire tower can be assembled into 4 packages measuring 250x40x30 cm and weighing approx. 60 kg. The compact size allows for easy shipping using available forwarding systems.

Construction of the T500-20 lighting tower

We are proud of our participation in the construction project of the National Stadium in Warsaw, where we delivered modern aluminum lighting towers. The photo shows one of our products ready for installation

M750 Mast Service Kędziżyn Koźle

Standard inspection combined with photographic documentation for the client. We check the tension of the ropes and their condition, we replace corroded ropes, we replace corroded screws, we protect smaller corrosion centers with galvanizing, the technician visually examines the structure in search of fatigue or frost cracks. The mast required repairs - welding the crossbar at a height.

M1000-40 mast service

In August 2014, for AWB Net, we carried out an inspection of their masts along with the necessary maintenance. We encourage all owners to take care of their structures - this allows them to sleep soundly during autumn storms.

Service in Iłowa, M500-16

In the summer of 2014, for our client in Iłowa, we carried out a service and inspection of their entire network of masts. The inspection was successful in accordance with the checklist. We paid particular attention to checking the waterproof seals. The photo shows the new anchoring treatment.

Steel tower H=30 for a very small plot

Near the Szczerców Commune, we had the opportunity to install a telecommunications tower for IT-Partners, which created a particular design challenge. The tower, sandwiched between 2 buildings, could be no more than 3 meters wide, with a minimum height of 30 meters. We have designed an appropriate solution in the steel version, selecting cross-sections for a strongly limited base to maintain its correct statics. An interesting project was created for very small plots.

Raid leveling the bus dock

In response to the customer's needs, we have developed a ramp system for cars up to 10 tons (axle load 5 tons). The goal was to equalize the levels of reloading docks adapted to TIR trailers with the floor level of an average delivery vehicle. The solution resulted in a product that became part of AluPro's permanent offer.

“Rain of Prizes” advertising structure

In January 2018, together with the client "Easy-Busy", we developed and produced a technical solution for an umbrella truss, fastening system, floor system and driving system (trolley with winch) for a series of competitions in shopping centers.

Aluminum cable ladder system

In early 2016, we introduced a complete system of aluminum cable ladders in several widths and with a complete system of connectors and hinges for any tower or mast from the AluPro offer. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the catalog offer.

Platform for high jumps

We designed and made a platform for jumping from the tallest skyscrapers in the world! An exciting construction challenge and a very emotional task. The system is designed to be easily adapted to changing conditions in different buildings.

Grid for the LISSA anesthesia column

We designed and produced a large truss exhibition stand for INMED. The structure is used to present a new LISSA rotary anesthetic column. Solution designed to be transported by plane - the longest section < 1.5 meters.


These are the clients we could
help you with our services and products

Grow with AluPro

If you are a design office or industry designer – we will provide you with all support. We consult the expected solutions, suggest alternative methods of foundation of the structure, and provide our database of projects in DWG or 3D solid formats, e.g. STEP. You can also subcontract us to complete the mast part of your project

If you are an Internet service provider (WISP) or a GSM or GSM-R network integrator, contact us to find out our prices for long-term cooperation. We sign volume contracts with a guaranteed rate for a set period of time. Thanks to us, you can increase service reliability and optimize the price of network expansion.

If you are an industry wholesaler and sell telecommunications equipment and would like to provide yourself with another branch of income - consider cooperation with Alupro. We have an interesting case study of what such cooperation could look like - we have been supplying equipment to one of the largest industry wholesalers in Greater Poland for many years. Talk to us about it.


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