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Stage Solutions

Currently we are working on full portfolio of stage trusses and equipment, so let us know what you may need and we will help based on our unpublished products. Up to now we concentrated on non-standard solutions for clubs / discos, interior design and developed unavaliable in stock special solutions that enchanced other brands stock products. If you are an architect or show designer, and some crazy idea struck your imagination – call us now!. We offer our stage and interior design equipment europewide and it is no problem for our install team to come to your location to do the job. We have made many advertising constructions like truss portals/gates, starting gates, truss cubes, advertising tents backbone truss constructions ect. Talk to us about your need or problem and we shall find solution.

On demand engineering and architects support

We have team of experienced architectural designers and general engineers that are ready to help in your porjects. We concentrate on truss solutions and its use in architecture, so we do Autodesk Robot static calculations, and Finite Element Method analysis. You may outsourse such tasks on us. Secondly we solve engineering problems  from finding a solution to production of an remedy. If there is a part of your project that you would like to outsource on us – tell us about it and we together will decide if we could help. We provide some vital help to Architects in radio mast and towers construction sharing our projects, 3d models and specifications with Arcitectural Studios that may totally offload them from need of going into details of not-so-tippical constructions. If you are an Architect and seek for a aluminium or steel mast to top eg. Police Station you just designed – call us now.  Finally we have specialists doing structural surveys valid in Europe. Raport may be prepared in English or German, and in accordance to Eurocode.


We are chiefly a manufacturer of trusses for stage and radiocommunication and architectural purposes, but answering market demands we also install things we produce. If you cannot find a experienced team in your location – we can bring our masts with us and build them for you. Drop us an e-mail to find out rates and conditions. We do shipments and installations Europewide.

Aluminium Masts and Towers

Although we manufacture aluminium and steel truss products for many purpouses – our main product line are radio masts and towers, both aluminum masts and steel masts, aluminum towers and steel towers. We offer complete solution here from mast body, through all needed accessories to installation. Please download our catalogue down this page to see details. You are wellcome to ask questions. We do shipment Europewide and have sent our products to countries such as Germany, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, France, Lithuania, Norway, Sweeden, Austria lately. We ship any quantity, starting from one mast, so do not worry about how big could be your order, simply chcek our prices and see if they are competitive. Please note also that our company policy is to deliver best quality possible at reasonable cost, not the lowest price. 

Please give us a call or simply e-mail us:

  1. Office:
  2. Sales and Engineering help: +48 502 218191
  3. Marketing and Payments: +48 603 251850
  4. Orders and price inquiries:

You can learn all essential information on our profile and radio mast & towers products here:

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